Entrepreneurial Leadership in Response to COVID-19

29 March 2020
Lisa Smith

On Friday 13th March I flew back from Albany to Perth after some considerable time working away from home in regional WA.

I had been in physical contact with a lot of people in the preceding 10 days and I was mindful of the potential to have been impacted by any seasonal virus making the rounds given the amount of handshakes and hugs that I’d engaged in.

And so, given that I am one half of Blow Your Own Mind, I took the decision to protect myself, my business partner but also my family, friends and wider community by self-imposing 14 days of isolation.

On Saturday, I enjoyed for the first time in a while, a walk along the banks of the beautiful Derbal Yerrigan and found myself able to easily process my thoughts into what has become this article about mindset and intention; and serves to demonstrate what really can be achieved with the right mindset when in the right environment.

Given that I work extensively with, and am a Master Practitioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® assessment tool, it made sense to review ‘entrepreneurial leadership’ through the lens of the 14 skills and attributes that, by empirical research, are deemed key entrepreneurial characteristics.