Design Thinking with Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling

Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to sustaining growth and innovation. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is a cutting-edge assessment tool that examines the skills and capabilities that are needed and assists employees to assess the degree to which they are utilising an “entrepreneurial mindset” and provides resources to leverage that competitive edge. Participants working with BYOM complete an assessment of their entrepreneurial mindset using the EMP tool, and the data therein will indicate gaps in capacity/capability of these entrepreneurs to enable them to succeed. 

Design Thinking is recently known as creative tools that help organisations to achieve innovative goals. However, the true value of Design Thinking is in its ability to cultivate a set of ‘designer mindset’, or ‘design ability’. 

Designers are trained to approach complex situations without assuming solutions – instead, they observe and redefine the given challenges and develop possibilities through iterations. 

In today’s complex world, organisations need to acquire the attitude of approaching challenges by not assuming solutions to ‘solve’ the given problems. Highly complex social problems, requires design approaches to develop interventions that would shift the course of the situation. This workshop delivers a framework to encourage participants to rethink their approaches towards highly complex social problems. This workshop allows participants to understand the importance of not jumping to solutions, but instead to understand strategic output as part of bigger systems. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Review the results of your Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile feedback report and identify your own strengths which lead to success.  
  • Explore opportunities for growth and less well-developed entrepreneurial skills.
  • Recognise and empathise with challenges and not assuming solutions to solve the given problem but instead to understand strategic output as part of bigger systems.
  • Explore new design strategies and frameworks to rethink highly complex social problems.
  • Consider an action plan for success using design thinking methodology towards sustainable growth and solving complex problems.  

The workshop will blend theoretical context and best practices to enable participants to take-away actions plans for organisations.

Course Overview

Duration ½ day online workshop (4 hours)

Price: $495 per person

This includes an entrepreneurial Assessment worth $115

Duration ½ day Face to Face workshop (4 hours)

Price: $595 per person

This includes an entrepreneurial Assessment worth $115

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Delivery Team 

This workshop will be facilitated by Christopher Kueh (Consultant and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® Practitioner) and either Vicki Main GAICD or Lisa Smith (Director’s and Master Practitioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile®).

Chris has been a designer and design researcher since 2004. Originally trained as a graphic and information designer and obtained a PhD in Design, Chris has since approached design as a mindset and behaviour to encourage cultural transformation in organisation and society. He has engaged in design consultancy and academic works in Australia and South East Asian, and remains passionate about applying the way designers think to improve people’s quality of life. 

Dr Christopher Kueh

Vicki Main GAICD  – Director

Vicki is a qualified Lecturer, graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and Master Practitioner of Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP). In addition Vicki has a certificate in Coaching and Mentoring with the Chartered Management Institute. With over a decade of teaching experience at University level, Vicki is passionate about leadership, education and lifelong learning with a proven track record of delivering high quality degree programs in the UK and Australia. Vicki has managed teams, mentored and supported business owners throughout her career and has a real desire to see people achieve their full potential to add value for others and solve problems. Vicki’s business development focus is the Perth Metro area and existing corporate networks locally and internationally.

Lisa is an intuitive communicator with much experience in stakeholder relations, coaching communications and business strategy. Lisa has coached many people throughout her career in the resources, not-for-profit and university sectors, underpinned by a Graduate Certificate in Business. Mentoring people is one of her passions, as is the connection derived from delivering workshops. Lisa believes passionately in self-development and enabling people’s capacity to learn; her aim being to instill true self belief in everyone she comes into contact with.Lisa is a Master Practitioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) and her business development focus is Regional WA and her existing corporate networks.

Lisa Smith – Director