Entrepreneurial Marketing for Small Business

Entrepreneurial marketing throws the traditional marketing rulebook out. Formulated marketing has become outdated as the focus of marketing now, more than ever, needs to concentrate on the multi-generational consumer who has a short attention span and wants to understand “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me?) very quickly.

Thanks to the high level use of technology, consumers want to have their needs met quickly, seamlessly and in a way that satisfies their compulsion to purchase easily with an online component, with little human interaction.

So, what is going to set your business apart and keep your targeted consumers attentions long enough to read your call to action and buy from you? In this workshop you will review your current marketing activities, look at some examples of entrepreneurial marketing, consider what opportunities are available to collaborate and devise a practical plan to be more creative and respond with agility to your target market.

BYOM Pty Ltd is a facilitator of workshops provided by the Small Business Development Corporation and subsidised by the Government of Western Australia. For free advice and guidance on starting and growing your business, and details of all their workshops visit smallbusiness.wa.gov.au

Registrations are open to small business owners in Western Australia only and limited to two places per booking, however you are able to make more than one booking. To register for larger groups, please call SBDC on 133 140.

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