How to Grow your Business by Working with Competitors

‘Coopetition’ is about unconventional collaboration with your competitors. This session will help you discover how to grow your business by thinking differently about your competitors, forming alliances and making collaboration work as a viable alternative revenue stream.

Main Topics Covered 

  • Examples of coopetition
  • How to identify potential collaborators
  • Modifying your business model to suit coopetition
  • Developing an action plan to start coopetition.

This workshop is for existing small business owners or managers who want to think outside the box on growing and diversifying their business.

BYOM Pty Ltd is a facilitator of workshops provided by the Small Business Development Corporation and subsidised by the Government of Western Australia. For free advice and guidance on starting and growing your business, and details of all their workshops visit

Registrations are open to small business owners in Western Australia only and limited to two places per booking, however you are able to make more than one booking. To register for larger groups, please call SBDC on 133 140.

The cost of this workshop is just $20, thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.